Online: Easter Sunday // Light Language Journey // 9 April 2023

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Easter Sunday // Light Language Journey // Online // Sunday 9 April 11am + Recording // £11

A beautiful Easter morning light language journey. Connect and receive deep healing from reiki, light language and the Ascended Master Jesus. 



Live 11am (UK time) + recording

Sunday 9 April 2023

Online via Zoom


There’s a special magic about the energy on Easter. Join online to celebrate the light and receive deep healing as millions (billions?) all over the world praise God, Source, Spirit, The Universe… whatever you want to call it.


I’ll be tuning into the energies and what is needed in the collective nearer the time, but you can expect a potent light language and reiki healing journey. This will be a guided healing journey/meditation but don’t worry if you’re not a visual person, you can simply follow my voice and see if you can tune into the journey using other senses. Some people feel energy in the body as sensations, so don’t be put off by the guided visual journey if you struggle with this. I’ll also be channelling light language from the Ascended Master Jesus – you don’t have to be a Christian to receive his wisdom as a spiritual teacher and enlightened being.


The live journey will be at 11am on Easter Sunday, but everyone will receive the recording so don’t worry if you can’t make the live. I’ll be sending out the joining details nearer the time.



Want to learn more about Light Language? You can read about it here.


All are welcome regardless of belief system – whether you’re atheist, agnostic, spiritual, Hindu or Christian, you are welcome to join. 


You don’t need any knowledge or experience to join, but please be aware it will include a long-ish guided meditation with reiki and light language, so if you’re unfamiliar with any of these do head to my website to learn a bit more or do a little research. Or if you prefer, just trust that you’ve landed here for a reason and come with an open heart and mind!


You’ll need to ensure you have good internet connection, headphones or a speaker and a cosy space where you lie down or sit to receive. You might want blankets, a bolster or an eye pillow. Whatever you need to feel fully supported so that you can relax and receive.


Live + Recording // £11 + booking
Please email to purchase direct and avoid Eventbrite booking fees. 

Hope to see you there!

Sally x

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