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Healing, Circles + Ceremony with Lush Lunar

I'm currently travelling and hope to be available for online 1:1 sessions soon ~ in person sessions in Tynemouth are currently unavailable

“I had tears rolling down my face, I can honestly say this has happened only a few other times in healing during my life. I know something inside me has shifted. Your light has honestly touched my heart forever.”

Vicky Middleton // Newcastle upon Tyne

About Lush Lunar

Beautiful soul, I'm so glad you've landed here. Trust that you're here for a reason.

Welcome. I hope this marks the beginning of a transformative journey for you. 

My name is Sally, and I discovered energy healing when I was seeking solace for my own struggles with poor mental health. I came to a point on my path where I felt that if I did not heal, I may not survive here on earth. So, I sought healing through yoga, meditation and lifestyle changes, which led me to energy healing, sound healing, light language, plant medicine, nature and community.

What I didn’t anticipate, was that I would be strongly called to train and offer healing for others. I answered the call. I believe that my many dances with darkness and my own healing journey have provided me with the experience and initiations required to work with energy, support others, listen to, and truly emphasise with the tremendous pain that one can feel when navigating dark or unsettling periods of life. I am still healing, evolving and learning, but these practices have truly transformed my life, so I feel incredibly honoured to share them with you. 

Energy healing can support us on our path in a myriad of ways. If you’re feeling lost, stuck, at a cross-roads, or struggling with poor self-image, self-worth, indecision, or illness, energy healing can help us to find balance, clarity and encourage our body’s natural ability to heal. 

It can also offer us so much more. Embarking on a healing journey can help us to reconnect with our soul purpose, our reason for being here on earth at this time. It can support us in recovering our gifts and passions, and help us to find our inner fire so that we can share them with others, or step more fully into who we truly are. 

You hold so much knowledge and wisdom inside of you, but so many of us have forgotten how to tap into our inner truth or connect to our intuition. I create sacred spaces and ceremony, so that you can remember who you are. To reawaken your inner fire, release trauma, and connect to likeminded souls in beautiful community. 

We do not need to walk this path alone, and it would be my honour to connect with and support you on this strange, remarkable, and joyous journey through life. 

“Sally was amazing from start to finish. As someone who can't usually visualise anything it was amazing to see images and colours during session.”

Stacey // Isle of Man

Gift your mind, body and soul some deep rest and insight, with a 1:1 energy healing session

I offer a variety of energy healing to support you on your path through this lifetime. You can work with me 1:1 in person, in Tynemouth and Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. 

You can also work with me 1:1 online, from anywhere in the world. 

I offer:

~ Intuitive Healing with Light Language ~
~ Usui Reiki ~ 
~ Angelic Therapy ~ 

“What an amazing session. I just connected with the energy of the root chakra which I never did before and its power was amazing. Thanks so much for such a powerful session.”

Irma // Liverpool

Fenham: Samhain Ceremony, 7-9pm, Wed 1 Nov

You are warmly invited to gather in community in celebration of Samhain, an ancient festival that honours our ancestors and all they've done for us 🕯️ Samhain is a Celtic festival during the time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Our...

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Whitley Bay: Mantra, Movement & Sacred Sound

Have you experienced the magic of mantra, movement and music medicine? All of these ancient practices can elevate our consciousness and raise our vibes, so that we feel more connected to one another, content, and aligned in our lives ✨ You are warmly invited...

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“Had a lovely time at the Gratitude Circle, started experiencing some pregnancy mood swings that week & it really lifted my spirits. I've been making an effort towards daily gratitude since one of the circles and it's really made a difference towards my wellbeing.”

Sophie // Newcastle upon Tyne

Join an online or in person circle or ceremony to give yourself some love + connect with likeminded souls

Connecting to heal as a group online or in person can be a beautiful experience. Sometimes energy seems to amplify when multiple hearts and souls join together in this way!

I hold in person circles + ceremonies throughout North East England, including Moon Circles, Women’s Circles and Wheel of the Year Ceremonies. While some of my offerings are for women only, many of my circles and ceremonies are mixed, so all are welcome to join. Joining a circle is a great way to meet new people and dip your toe into energy healing, sound healing, reiki and light language if you haven’t experienced their magic before.

I also hold circles + ceremonies online via Zoom. Choosing to heal from the comfort of your home can be extra powerful, as you can fully surrender to the experience and let go without any fear of being seen releasing tears or moving through any heavy emotions that come up. 

“I had the most amazing experience at Sally's event on Tuesday night, it was magical.”

Nicola // Manchester

Autumn Equinox: Darkness, Light and Mental Health

This time of year is especially poignant for me, as seeking healing for mental health is what started me on this funny old journey, and the three big mental health episodes that I’ve experienced have always fallen around the Autumn Equinox. I didn’t even...

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Light Language: Awakening Experience

Online: Beltane Ceremony Recording // Expires 11:59pm, Saturday 25 May 2024 Receive all the energetic support you need for the coming months. A clearing of old, unserving, stagnant energy, then calling in protection for the coming months. You’ll then receive energetic support for fertility...

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“With Sally as a guide, I already feel more open to discovering new ways of self help. I would highly recommend her wisdom and insight into the human spirit. Thank you.”

Amanda Ball // Newcastle upon Tyne