Light Language: What Is It?

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What Is Light Language?

I sat in meditation recently and asked for guidance on what to do next for Lush Lunar. I was guided to write a post on Light Language, so here we are!

More specifically, I was guided to explore what Light Language is. At first, I was like yep, let’s get on with it, until I very quickly realised that I’m not actually sure what it is – just that it’s a beautiful, other-worldly healing tool which has changed my life. So, I sat with the question ‘what is Light Language’ & I was gifted a vision. Now I’m here to share that vision with you.

What Is Light Language - The Basics

Before we get to the vision though, I’m aware that this might be the first time you’ve ever heard of Light Language, so I’ll try and explain what on earth I’m on about. As the name suggests, Light Language is a language, but it is a channelled language in opposed to a language that can be learned. What do I mean by channelled? By this, I mean that it channels through people in the same way that mediums can channel messages through from the unseen. So, unlike conventional languages, we can’t set out to learn Light Language to share with others, but Light Language can be activated within us, and once this happens we can do it & share it with others too.


You might have heard of speaking in tongues in Christianity and the Bible, also known as glossolalia. I believe that Light Language and speaking in tongues are the same thing. Many think that Light Language is a multidimensional healing tool that can bring healing on a deep, cellular level. It can support or facilitate the release of patterns that no longer serve, heal disease in the mind or body and help to release trauma that we are ready to see and work through. 

noun: speaking in tongues

a form of glossolalia in which a person experiencing religious ecstasy
utters incomprehensible sounds that the speaker believes are a language
spoken through him or her by a deity

- Collins Dictionary

How We Channel Light Language - Light Language Symbols, Codes, Movement And Sound

We can channel Light Language through our voice, hands, movement and writing. Some people can channel Light Language in all of these ways, while others might only be able to channel it through one or two of these ways. For example, I can channel Light Language through my voice, hands and movement very fluidly, but I find it more difficult to write or draw the codes or symbols. I’ve had a go at channelling through writing and I can do a little bit, but it’s far from fluid – it comes and goes. Others may be able to draw or write amazing art through channelling, but might not be able to speak it or channel it through their hands. It’s a mix and depends on the person.


Some people refer to Light Language as light codes or light symbols, but Light Language and light codes/symbols are the same thing. When people are able to channel Light Language through writing or drawing, the language looks like symbols and codes, and I guess this is where the code reference comes from. The codes and symbols look like a symphony of sacred geometry, shapes and beautiful written languages, but these are languages that we might not be familiar with on this plane of existence.


If you want to hear what Light Language sounds like, check out the video below which includes a channelled song and speaking a few minutes in. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more offerings, affirmations, meditations and energy healing content.

What Does Channelling Light Language Look And Feel Like?

When you channel Light Language through your hands and movement, it’s as though your hands take on a life of their own, forming a number of gestures, mudras and patterns. You kind of have to put your mind to one side, and allow the Light Language to take over. I find that if I start thinking about it or trying to figure it out, it disrupts the flow of the channelling. If you’re starting out on your Light Language journey and are struggling with this, I would recommend a regular meditation practice to start to tame the mind.


The look of channelling Light Language through the hands is reminiscent of sign language but not quite the same. When we channel it via movement, I believe that we’re birthing codes into the earth plane – drawing and expressing them into the spaces around us and supporting the collective healing of mother earth & humanity by doing so. I believe that we are gifted the Light Language or light codes that we need for what’s going on at the time, and that we can unlock or receive light codes through connecting with nature and granting permission to receive Light Language codes from things like trees, crystals and also the unseen such as guides, angels and spirit.


During the early days of channelling Light Language it wasn’t just coming through my hands, but was coming through my whole body & I was able to dance in ways that I know aren’t me, or aren’t my thing. The way I was dancing looked similar to traditional dance you might see in Eastern countries – having just travelled to Bali and watched a street theatre performance that included traditional dance, the way I was moving reminded me of what I had seen there. So Light Language may also come through as full body movement, though this has faded a bit for me & I now tend to channel it physically through my hands alone. If anyone else has had any full body or dance channelling experiences I’d love to hear about them!

Light Language Healing

I believe that Light Language is a sacred gift that speaks to us on a soul level. Our human brain can’t and won’t be able to understand it, despite how much it might try to figure out what different phrases and words might mean! So, if you’re receiving a Light Language healing I would really recommend that you try to let go, surrender to the beauty and mystery of the sounds, and resist trying to figure out what the translations might be – trust me, all that will do is stifle the experience and you’ll never work out what the languages mean.

I believe that Light Language is deeply healing, as I’ve experienced it’s profound healing myself. I would describe some of the healings that I’ve received from Light Language as miracle healings – in some sessions I’ve shifted trauma, patterns and mental health issues such as anxiety within an hour or two… I thought that some of these issues were going to take years to heal and no medication, therapy or mental health treatment that I’ve received (& I’ve had lots!) has even touched the sides of what I’ve experienced from Light Language and energy healing.


We know that sound can be an incredible healing tool and I believe that Light Language acts as another sound healing tool, at least when it’s spoken or sang. Light Language is ancient and sacred – it is written in our blood and bones. And, as we expose ourselves to Light Language, we invite a stirring remembrance within us. Light Language soothes us, awakens us & heals us…

We can also work with Light Language and intention – so if there’s something specific you want to work on, let the healer know and they can channel specifically to heal or support that intention. Just like Reiki, you can heal the past, present or future with Light Language – so if there are issues from your childhood or anxieties about the future that you’d like support on, working with intention can be so powerful and help to heal the root of the problem.

The Mysteries Of Light Language

Having said all that, I also believe we know practically nothing about Light Language or it’s potential. It is beautiful and mysterious. I had one distance healing experience where I was communicating to the healer in Light Language in my head, and it was as though they were responding. They would stop speaking as I would pick up the Light Language in my head, and once my internal Light Language had stopped talking, they would speak Light Language out loud again – almost like a telepathic Light Language call & response. I truly believe that Light Language is capable of all sorts of magic!


I have a feeling we might all be speaking to one another in Light Language one day, and that perhaps Light Language came here before other earthly languages – forming the basis for other ancient languages to develop from.

Distance Healing With Light Language

Light Language can work as a form of distance healing or in person. The majority of the Light Language healing that I’ve received has been at a distance, via Zoom or phone call and receiving at a distance has been just as powerful as in person. Sometimes I’ve found it more powerful as you’re less self-conscious when you’re in your own space and so can fully surrender to the experience. 

The Vision - Light Language As The Building Blocks of Life

I hope that I’ve managed to give an overview of what Light Language is, it’s fun to ponder all of the possibilities of what it might be! Now, onto the vision. The vision that I was gifted surprised me & challenged my views on Light Language. I had a vision of earth, of all things, of the trees and plants and all living beings breathing a dance of Light Language. A symphony of Light Language. I don’t draw Light Language symbols, but I do sometimes see a medley of Light Language codes in visions, and this is what happened here. It was as though the trees and everything else that makes up our world were breathing Light Language, in a similar way to how we breathe air.

The Light Language codes were expanding and contracting, rising and falling from the trees and earth in the same way that our lungs and breath expand & contract, floating outwards before being drawn back in towards them. It looked like the weaving, interaction and connection of all things. It’s hard to describe & I wish I could draw or paint better, as it really was quite beautiful. I felt that I was being shown how Light Language has a role in forming the reality that we see, know & (think we!) understand. A glimpse at how Light Language and light codes perhaps form the building blocks of life… no biggie.


This was not what I was expecting to see. I believe that Light Language is amazing, powerful and that we only understand (or think we understand!) the tip of the iceberg of it in terms of what it can do & what it can gift humanity, but I didn’t think it might literally be the building blocks of life… that feels big! And maybe it’s not any of that, but that’s what I saw & intuitively understood.

Philosophical Final Thoughts

noun: Logos (theology)

the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order

- Oxford Languages Definition

A few years ago during my philosophy studies, I learned about the Word in the Bible, which is Logos in Greek. As I absorbed the vision that I was gifted, the idea of the Word was coming through strong. Creative breath. Shaping the material world & universe. The understanding that I have of the Word & logos is very rusty, but the connection between Light Language and logos/the Word was coming through so strong that I must mention it. I’m here to share my insights and trust the breadcrumb trail that they lead us down – perhaps these concepts will plant a seed and inspire you to explore further, or even book a healing session to experience its power for yourself!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.
All things were made by him; and without him was not any
thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

- John 1:1-5, KJV