I love receiving feedback and really appreciate your kind words. If you feel called to leave a testimonial, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you!

Meeting Sally, who came highly recommended to me by a trusted friend, was the healing experience I needed. This type of healing using light language was very new to me and yet despite being nervous, I felt very safe and I trusted Sally, her presence and energy immediately put me at ease. 

Sally is warm and very kind and caring. Sally listened to understand what I wanted from the healing session and then guided me, with her experience and expertise in healing, to what kind of healing I would benefit from. 

Thank you Sally for sending details of my healing to me in email which is another act of kindness and very helpful. I already feel better for it and will continue my healing journey with Sally at Lush Lunar. Thank you

Gill P // Newcastle upon Tyne // May 2024

Sally – well what can I say. It’s hard to put into words the aura she brought with her. She did a healing session with me. She was able to get into my soul and find the secret of my life that I never shared with anybody, absolutely nobody. I felt that I was letting go off my past. She was able to unravel that buried secret out of my soul and I sensed an instant freedom. She worked on my throat Chakra and was able to clear that passage.

Thanks Sally, you are amazing. It was so easy to share things with you. Will always be grateful for the healing you have given to me.

Abhay Sahoo // Bangalore, India // January 2024

The healing circle I attended with Sally was incredible. The focus was around the mother wound and it was such a safe and sacred space to explore these emotions and the pain that arose. Sally led the circle with soul, passion, purity and love, sharing some of her own experiences which touched my heart and I related to so deeply.

It was beautiful! We did a inner child visualisation and focused on the support and words we wished we heard as a child or at whatever point we felt unheard growing up. It allowed me to scream some anger and release some deep pain that bad been within me for a long time. Therapy is helpful, but this hit different.

Sally then went on to do a beautiful chakra alignment with light language. I was crying and releasing so much during this part but each time Sally went into the light language with her amazing voice I felt at peace. Every bit of pain I felt surface was immediately reduced to sanctuary, to safety and my inner child and adult self felt submerged by the beauty of the love she was offering us.

I could say so much! I can’t reccommended her enough and feel a close link to her spiritually despite only meeting once. I will definitely be returning to Sally’s circles and the 1:1 healing sessions she offers

A pure divine soul filled with love , grace and tenderness, I feel so inspired and ready to move forward with my inner journey, my life generally and career path, letting go of the thoughts and beliefs I have held for a long time.

Thank you so so much Sally you are truly incredible, I am so grateful

Ame Delamore // Newcastle upon Tyne // December 2023

Had a lovely time at the Gratitude Circle, started experiencing some pregnancy mood swings that week & it really lifted my spirits. I’ve been making an effort towards daily gratitude since one of the circles in Feb or March and it’s really made a difference towards my wellbeing. 

Sophie // Newcastle upon Tyne // May 2023

I had such a lovely session with sally…it was just what my soul needed.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or at a crossroads Sally holds a nourishing, soothing space that can only be experienced rather than expressed in words.

Thank You so much Sally, I felt so free and light and had some very reassuring, helpful & confirming revelations come through me and you.

Very empowering

Laura Warner // Newcastle upon Tyne // May 2023

Went to an amazing full moon event last night. Was fantastic, Sally really brought a lot to the session. Can’t wait for the next one.

Katie // Newcastle upon Tyne // March 2023

I decided to book a reiki session with Sally following her New Moon Circle for Sagittarius. Sally’s calm and peaceful demeanour instantly made me feel at ease and open to try new things. I never thought that chanting would make me feel so relaxed and my embarrassment melted away and I felt I could embrace new ways to support myself.

I was slightly nervous about the reiki as I was unsure what it would bring up. Sally made me feel at ease and made me welcome in what was a very safe space. The session brought up very interesting effects and sensations for me and being allowed to fully discuss them afterwards helped me to figure out a way forward with this type of healing. Sally also followed it up with a couple of emails that included everything that had come up for her as well as for me, not missing out one single detail. I will certainly be following this route further. With Sally as a guide, I already feel more open to discovering new ways of self help. I would highly recommend her wisdom and insight into the human spirit. Thank you.

Amanda Ball // Newcastle upon Tyne // January 2023

I had a wonderful one to one intuitive healing session with Sally, having attended one of her New Moon healing groups in Whitley Bay the week previous. It’s the first time I’ve came across light language and this type of healing and it feels like an amazing discovery. Sally is warm and welcoming, really making you feel comfortable and safe to share and relax. The session started with a card pull that was really enlightening and relevant to my current situation. We then moved onto a reiki and intuitive healing, focussing on all of the chakras.

This was both relaxing and revealing, as insights and thoughts came up for me that I wasn’t expecting during the process.

Sally also provided me with a full review of the session via email with a write up of the cards we looked at and the sensations that came through for her whilst working with my energy.

I would strongly recommend this healing to anyone who seeks to understand themselves on a deeper level. I’m still working through my insights and the sense of peace that the session brings is truly magical!

Erin Turnbull // Newcastle upon Tyne // November 2022

I had a wonderful session today. I chose the intuitive healing with light language and it was phenomenal. I have experienced various different healing treatments but what Sally offers is on a whole different level. The level of care and attention she puts in to the session as well as making you feel super comfortable and relaxed was beautiful. I would highly recommend Sally! Thankyou again 💖

Clair Alexander // Newcastle upon Tyne // November 2022

“What an amazing session. I just connected with the energy of the root chakra which I never did before and its power was amazing. Connecting with Persephone helped me to ground myself by going underground into darkness, to see what we are… Light. Thanks so much for such a powerful session.”

Irma // Liverpool // July 2022

“Just had an amazing reiki session with Sally who is a wonderful intuitive healer. She does in person or virtual sessions – highly recommended.”

Naomi Nixon // Manchester // June 2022

“I was a bit unsure about healing and light language before trying it out with Sally as it’s very different to anything I’ve ever experienced before. I have now attended a couple of group sessions and a couple of individual ones and have found them really beneficial. I was surprised by how powerful I found the sessions to be and I felt really safe and well looked after by Sally, she has a very calming and empowering energy. I always feel better after a session and would recommend anyone who is considering it to give it a go. You’ll be in safe hands with Sally!”

Sarah Kenny // Whaley Bridge // May 2022

“Talk about saving the best til last. I had the most amazing experience at Sally’s event on Tuesday night. It was magical. Thank you @lush.lunar I can’t wait for your 2022 offerings.”

Nicola // Manchester // December 2021

“I had an intuitive healing session with Sally just before Christmas, and it was wonderful to be held and witnessed for a short time-outside-of-time. Sally’s healing space was very soothing and her manner gentle and friendly. The healing itself was very relaxing and warming, and I felt more at peace than I had for a long while. I also enjoyed our chat afterwards, and Sally’s aftercare email and advice were much appreciated. Very much recommended, and thank you!”

Heather K Veitch // Glossop // December 2021

“Sally, honestly I keep saying wow to myself over and over again. I was journaling this morning about the need to let go of some deep rooted shame so it felt so in sync that your light language transmission was about shame. I had tears rolling down my face, I can honestly say this has happened only a few other times in healing during my life. I know something inside me has shifted. I felt Mother Mary, I saw her just before you invited Jesus into our hearts, the connection felt so powerful. And I felt my light completely take over at one point, like a remembrance of my soul. It was so graceful and gentle and your calling is so powerful, thank you so much, your light has honestly touched my heart forever. You are truly gifted sister. Love you xx.”

Vicky Middleton // Newcastle upon Tyne // April 2021

“Sally was amazing from start to finish, she was calming, talked me through everything clearly, and provided great aftercare too. As someone who can’t usually visualise anything it was amazing to see images and colours during session. I feel that working with Sally helped me better understand myself and ensure I was caring for myself fully.”

Stacey // Isle of Man // April 2021