Whitley Bay: Winter Solstice by Candlelight, 7-9pm, Friday 22 December 2023

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Winter Solstice by Candlelight | Honouring Darkness, Welcoming Light | Whitley Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne

Join in community for a transformative evening to mark the Winter Solstice – a ceremony dedicated to honouring the depth and beauty of the longest night of the year. This unique ceremony weaves together ancient rituals and contemporary healing practices, guiding you through a journey of self-discovery and community connection.


When & Where?

7-9pm, Friday 22 December 2023

The Yoga Station

Metro Station, Station Rd

Whitley Bay 

NE26 2QT


The evening is taking place at The Yoga Station, a beautiful space in Whitley Bay. It’s located at Whitley Bay metro station and is accessible by bus. There are free and paid parking options nearby.

What to Expect



You are encouraged to bring a small item or symbol as an offering to Spirit/Source/The Universe/God/Goddess/Earth/Nature… whatever you like to call “it”. Traditional offerings include food, coins, milk, honey, precious stones or metals, and art. These offerings, placed at our ceremonial altar, will serve as a collective tapestry of our shared journey, embodying our individual paths as they intertwine with the spirit of community. This ritual not only deepens our connection to the ceremony but also to each other, creating a profound sense of unity as we embark on this magical evening. It is also a gesture of exchange, to thank and give gratitude to the energies that will hold, heal and connect with us during the ceremony.




Cacao Ceremony


We will share a heart-opening cacao ceremony. Used in sacred rituals for thousands of years, cacao is known for its healing properties and ability to enhance meditation and inner work.



Honouring the Dark and the Light


The Winter Solstice represents the longest night, symbolising the triumph of darkness. However, it also marks a turning point, welcoming the return of the light. This duality is at the heart of our gathering as we embrace both the shadows and the light within us.


Deep Healing Journey



Experience profound healing through guided visualisation, sound healing, Reiki, and light language. This multifaceted approach aims to provide deep spiritual and emotional healing, aligning your body, mind, and spirit:



Reiki: A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us, essential for our well-being. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit, creating many beneficial effects like relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing.



Light Language: Light language is a form of energy healing transcending verbal communication. Believed to operate at a higher vibrational level, it communicates directly with your soul’s energy, promoting deep spiritual healing. You can read more about it here – https://lushlunar.com/what-is-light-language/




Vision of Love, Peace, and Freedom


To honour the times we’re in, we come together to send our collective energy and prayers to those suffering around the world. This part of the ceremony is dedicated to holding a vision of love, peace, and freedom, sending out our collective vision and prayers to all those facing genocide, conflict, displacement and suffering in the world.




Community Connection


The ceremony is not just about individual transformation but also about connecting with a community of like-minded souls. It’s an opportunity to share, listen, and form authentic connections that transcend the evening.

Who Is This For?

This is a mixed circle and all are welcome (16+). There are contraindications to sound healing, ceremonial cacao and energy healing. Please contact hello@lushlunar.com before purchasing a space to disclose any health conditions, medication that you’re taking, or to tell me if you are pregnant, in order to dicuss whether this ceremony is suitable for you to attend at this time.

Energy Exchange

£22 + booking fee. If this is out of reach as you are currently experiencing financial hardship, please get in touch on hello@lushlunar.com to arrange a lower exchange. Thank you!



No refunds, transfers or exchanges – so please ensure you can come before booking a space, thank you!

What You'll Need

Please bring a drink of water, a notepad and pen. We may journey with journaling prompts, or you might want to write down any impressions or insights that you receive during the ceremony.


The Yoga Station has bolsters, yoga mats and blankets, so no need to bring those, but you’re more than welcome to if you prefer bringing your own. You can also bring an eye mask (or a clean sock or scarf!) if you’d like to go deeper inwards during the healing journey.


Any questions, do reach out – can’t wait to connect!

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