Online: Moon Ceremony // Various Dates

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Online: Moon Ceremony // Various Dates // £13 + booking fee

Join a beautiful community online to connect under the moon phases and receive energetic support ✨


The ceremonies will take place on Zoom and everyone will receive a recording that will be available for the following 2 weeks, so don’t worry if you can’t make the live. The next ceremonies are scheduled for:


Full Moon ~ Monday 30 Oct 7-8pm UK Time (GMT)

New Moon ~ Sunday 12 Nov 6-7pm UK Time (GMT)

Full Moon ~ Sunday 26 Nov 6-7pm UK Time (GMT)

New Moon ~ Tuesday 12 Dec 7-8pm UK Time (GMT)


Working with the moon phases is a wonderful way to slow down, honour your cycles and to begin living in a more intentional way. You are warmly invited to connect in ceremony from the comfort of your home to receive:


🌙 Online ceremony around a different theme each Full + New Moon

🌙 Journalling prompts to go inwards and support you on your path

🌙 A beautiful guided meditation journey

🌙 Energetic support with reiki + light language

🌙 Connect live online + receive a recording of the ceremony in case you can’t make the live time or would like to journey with the recording again in your own time ~ recording available for 2 weeks after the live ceremony


Each ceremony will be different, as we explore and honour the moon cycles as well as what’s showing up in the collective. With this in mind, I’ll be tuning into whatever is needed for the group nearer the time of each ceremony, so keep an eye on social media to find out upcoming themes 🌕


I came across energy healing when I was seeking support for my mental health, and it’s helped me in so many unexpected ways. Here are some of the benefits that I’ve experienced personally:


🌻 Soothes and supports mental health, can support depression, anxiety and other mental health issues

🌻 Can provide clarity when at a crossroads or struggling with overwhelm in life

🌻 Brings a sense of peace, love, support and connection to others and to the universe/spirit/source

🌻 Can help to cultivate self-acceptance, self-love and compassion

🌻 Provides an opportunity to slow down and retreat from the demands of our busy lives, creates space for self-inquiry and reflection, which can help us to focus on what’s important and make changes in areas that aren’t supportive to wellbeing

🌻 Cultivates gratitude, which can help us to remain resilient when facing life’s challenges


All welcome (16+). Please reach out in advance of the ceremony if you have any medical issues or are taking medication.


You’re invited to create a cosy nest of yumminess in your home space. Headphones are recommended for best sound quality, and you can receive the energy healing element of the ceremony (reiki + light language) either seated or lying down. You might want a bolster or pillow under your knees for lower back support, a blanket, eye mask, whatever you need to feel cosy and comfortable. You’ll also need a notebook and pen for the journalling prompts.


Live + Recording (available for 2 weeks after the live) // £13 + booking

Would love to see you there!

Sally x

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