Fenham: Samhain Ceremony, 7-9pm, Wed 1 Nov

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Fenham: Samhain Ceremony // Earthlings Healing Cafe // Wed 1 Nov, 7-9pm

Honour our ancestors & celebrate Samhain, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Cacao Ceremony, Ancestral Healing & Offerings.

You are warmly invited to gather in community in celebration of Samhain, an ancient festival that honours our ancestors and all they’ve done for us 🕯️

Samhain is a Celtic festival during the time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Our ancestors are our strongest connection to the unseen realms and can connect us to spirit. During this special ceremony, we will gather in community to honour and give thanks to our ancestors, and create space to receive any ancestral healing that is needed 🍁

We will be supported by the heart-opening medicine sacred cacao, the perfect plant ally for cultivating gratitude, love and connection ❣️


Though I’ll be tuning into exactly what is needed for the ceremony nearer the time, here’s an idea of what to expect:

~ Offerings: we’ll be bringing offerings for spirit and our ancestors to strengthen our connection to them, give thanks, and to support this energetic work. You might feel called to prepare your ancestors’ favourite food, create something, or bring traditional offerings such as milk, coins, sweet treats, herbs, alcohol or tobacco 🎁

~ Guided Ancestral Healing Journey: you will receive a deeply healing guided meditation journey to connect to and heal on behalf of your ancestors. This will be a potent energy healing weaving together the magic of energy healing, light language, reiki and sound healing 🌳

~ Community: we’ll be celebrating, connecting to and healing on behalf of our ancestors in a beautiful community of likeminded souls. If you’re feeling lost or alone, this ceremony provides a space for authentic connection, to be witnessed, and to be deeply held by one another 🧡

~ Cacao Ceremony: we’ll be connecting to the beautiful heart opening plant medicine ceremonial cacao to open us up to deep healing and support us throughout the ceremony ☕

I’ll also be sharing wisdom on ancestral trauma and ancestral healing.

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All welcome (16+). Whether this is your first or thousandth time connecting to these practices and/or your ancestors, you are welcome in this space. Please come with an open heart and mind!

There are contraindications for ceremonial cacao, energy healing and sound healing, so if you are taking any medication, are pregnant, or have any medical conditions, please contact me before purchasing a space on hello@lushlunar.com – thank you.


You’ll need to prepare and bring some offerings for spirit and your ancestors. I’ll be sending out more info before the ceremony, or trust your inner guidance and carve out some time to tune in to what your ancestors need at this time. Trust whatever comes up, even if it seems strange or feels weird. You are your greatest guide and oracle.

There’ll be yoga mats at the space, Earthlings is confirming with me whether they have bolsters and blankets so you may need to bring those please – I’ll confirm nearer the time.

You might also want to bring a drink of water and a notepad and pen to write down anything that rises for you during the ceremony.


£22 + booking fee.

If you’re low/no income or struggling at the moment, please use the discount code SAMHAIN for 44% off. 

If this is still out of reach, please contact me to arrange a lower exchange – hello@lushlunar.com.


No refunds on this one I’m afraid, so please ensure you can join if you book – thanks!

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