Recording + Download: New Moon Circle, Sunday 19 February 2023

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New Moon Circle // Recording Available to Download Until 1 April

Please be aware that this event was originally planned to be at The Yoga Station in Whitley Bay. I have now moved this event online as stormy weather has caused damage at the metro station, so the metro station and venue are closed.


You can purchase the recording of this 2 hour session to download until Saturday 1 April. 


£22 // concessions available (33% off). Please contact me to purchase.


For anyone feeling untethered, frazzled or out of their bodies, the word of the sesh is GROUNDING.

I’m a bit of a house plant addict, but until recently had mostly missed all of the amazing metaphor spiritual teaching-ness of attempting to nurture plant life. The penny dropped when some of these amazing metaphors were alluded to in a book. Now I’m fully on board with all plant-life metaphors, and have also been witnessing just how impossible it is to harness life/expand/grow/bend/anything without roots.


How do I know this? Root rot. Nemesis of house plant people especially during winter I’m finding… overwatering in winter = ☠️


So, on Sunday we’ll be receiving some serious grounding before we prepare to expand. And expand we will, with a potent light language 3rd eye activation.


During the circle we’ll be exploring tools to develop our intuition, and of course so much of our intuition is associated with our 3rd eye. So we’ll be receiving some light language here too.


We’ll also be receiving soothing reiki and sound. Connecting together in community to mark the beginning of another lunar cycle, reminding ourselves that all life and newness begins in darkness.

We’ll plant seeds of intention together, with divine support.


Every circle has its own unique energy and feel. Sometimes these practices can be intense or challenge us to consider hard truths, but the pearls of doing this work (and it can be blissful but it also really can be work) can be seen and felt in our day to day existence. Sitting with ourselves, as we are, in this way, can help us to witness and move through blocks and barriers, stagnation and worry. It can help us to track down and breathe life into our biggest hopes and dreams. It can help us to witness and accept our fears, find our humanity, find out who we really are.


We’ll be learning a bit about the moon and developing our intuition too.


Intuition is the word under this New Moon, you can expect:


– a beautiful community of likeminded souls

– learning around the New Moon in Pisces

– learn how to work with the moon cycles

– learn tools for developing your intuition

– receive a deep healing journey with Usui Reiki and Light Language


Want to learn more about Light Language? You can read about it here.


All are welcome to join in circle.


Please bring a pen and notebook for journaling exercises and some water if you think you’ll be thirsty. Loose fitting clothes are best so you can really get cosy and relaxed – it’s a lovely, warm space. The Yoga Station has yoga mats, blankets and bolsters, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.


The event is taking place at The Yoga Station, Whitley Bay. This is a beautiful space at Whitley Bay metro station, so it’s really easy to get to on public transport and there’s also parking nearby.


Full price £22 + Eventbrite fees

Please email to book direct and avoid fees.

I have three discount codes for those who cannot afford a full price place. If the discount code doesn’t work, then that’s because they have already been used and there are no discounted spaces remaining.



I’m afraid I can’t offer refunds for no-shows or cancellations. However, if you contact me to let me know you can’t make it, I’ll offer you a free space on my next online offering.


Can’t wait to see you there!


Sally x

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