Light Language: Awakening Experience

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Light Language - Awakening And Healing

I thought I’d share a bit more about light language and my journey with it so far.


Back in Jan/Feb 2020 a friend invited me to a womb healing ceremony in Newcastle upon Tyne. She gave me a heads up there’d be light language and energy healing but I hadn’t experienced either before and didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, I would have rolled my eyes at reiki and probably light language a few years ago, but at this point on my path I was seeking healing having experienced back to back breakdowns in Sept/Oct 2018 and 2019. So I was willing to give anything a try and was already setting intentions to heal and working with other modalities such as yoga, meditation and lots of reading around healing/Buddhism/Carl Jung/consciousness etc.


I wasn’t really expecting to experience anything that unfolded that day. It turned out to be a beautiful but also intense healing experience. I’m so grateful that I discovered this medicine and that I went there that day, but I wasn’t expecting where it would take me, it really did change the course of my life/path.


The first time I experienced the reiki, light language and ceremonial cacao at that session, weird things started happening to my body and with my emotions.


It was as though some sort of emotional lid was removed, and a whole load of stuff came tumbling out.

What My First Experience Of Light Language Felt Like

I’d experienced some quite intense trauma in my life, and I believe that something shifted that day. I feel as though light language and energy healing was the final key that I needed to truly begin the process of looking at and beginning to unravel some of the trauma that was stored in my body from my past experiences. 

This manifested in both blissful and uncomfortable ways. I experienced lots of involuntary twitches and movement in my body and a lot of emotional release. I was crying a lot and experiencing a lot of intense emotion arising, that I felt I had no control over. It had to come out and I allowed it to flow, though I don’t think I really had much choice in that!


When receiving the light language I also experienced something that is difficult to describe. I went into this weird phase of crying/wailing/feeling totally despairing and angry at God, and then it would switch to hysterical laughter, relief and bliss. It’s tricky to describe it but it’s something I have continued to experience on my healing journey since.


While this crazy cry/laugh/cry thing was going on, I was also having these moments of clarity. Again, it’s difficult to describe, but in that moment I knew that death was not the end, I knew that reincarnation existed, and I understood that my soul and energy and life and purpose was so much bigger than anything I could possibly fathom or understand. It was an unnerving, but liberating and totally freeing experience. It’s the first time in my life where I truly felt like everything would be okay, despite whatever pain or suffering had come before or was still to come in this lifetime.


I share a glimpse of this experience to give some examples of how energy healing and light language can manifest in the body. Don’t worry though, not everyone’s experiences of it are this gnarly or intense! I’ve also had plenty of blissful, relaxing, beautiful experiences with light language and energy healing too!


But, healing and self-healing isn’t all fluff. It’s sugar and spice. It can be blissful and painful. It invites us to witness and shift through all of the layers of emotion, pain and trauma that we’ve consciously and unconsciously stored.

The Beginning Of A Healing Journey...

That day was just the beginning of my journey and I’m still learning, growing and healing everyday. Sometimes it’s a pain in the arse, but ultimately it’s made my life so much richer, it’s helped me to feel as though there’s a bigger purpose to all of our lives and it’s supported a lot of shifts in my life, that have really helped me to see the joy and beauty in life, which is something that I struggled with before.


On the outside I was confident, bubbly and had a lot going for me, but privately and internally I was often experiencing a lot of darkness, pain and mental torment.


This all sounds really heavy! But I hope it gives a bit of an insight into what energy healing and light language can do, and the less pleasant experiences we can sometimes have when working with these healing modalities.


After that afternoon and womb healing session, I immediately noticed that certain (negative) patterns and behaviours that I was aware of and had been working on had just lifted, in the space of a few hours. I honestly thought that the journey of shifting those patterns was going to take years.


So for those who are curious or drawn to any form of energy healing, acupuncture, reflexology, light language, whatever it is that’s calling you, I would implore you to trust the call. Trust that you’ll be safe. Trust that the sometimes gnarly and triggering process of healing IS totally worth it.


Forever grateful for that day, and for the beautiful way in which space was held. Hoping to share more about my journey and experiences with light language and energy healing going forward.


Thank you to everyone and everything that led me to that point, to my dear friend for suggesting it, and to the women who shared their gifts and held space that day.