Healing: What Is It? 3 Reflections

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What Is Energy Healing?

What is healing? When people think of healing, a common jump is to think of people who are experiencing illness or disease – they are the people who need healing. Of course, healing can be deeply beneficial for people facing illness or disease, and energy healing can encourage our body’s natural ability to heal, but healing goes so much deeper than this. Healing can change the direction of our lives and is suitable for all, regardless of whether or not we’re currently facing illness. Those who commit to it and allow it will get the most out of it. Practices such as sitting in circle, yoga, breathwork, journaling, reiki, light language, acupuncture, sound healing, the list goes on and on, are healing, or have healing benefits. 


So, if healing isn’t limited to curing illness or disease, what is it? Healing is bringing awareness to patterns and beliefs that you may be holding, and working to release their grip if they’re no longer serving. Healing can help you to come home to yourself, through fostering self love or breaking unhealthy habits or cycles. It can support us on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. It can help us to step fully into our power, recognise our gifts and set healthy boundaries in our lives. It can work in a preventative way, ensuring that we don’t develop unhealthy dis-ease in the body. It teaches us how to nurture ourselves by honouring our needs. It’s effects are enduring and profound.

How Energy Healing Can Help

I was seeking healing for mental health issues, and immersed myself in practices such as meditation, kundalini yoga, ashtanga, reiki, acupuncture and light language. I experienced huge shifts which helped to heal my mental heath and also changed my direction in life and my understanding of the universe. I am so grateful for these practices. 

I have learned how to manage and shift my energy, I am able to self-soothe, I’ve learned about my attachment style and how that impacts your perception of the world. I can identify (some of) my triggers and (try to) learn whatever lessons they’re trying to whisper to and teach me. I work with the moon cycles and her magic. I have learned how plant allies can support our path and energy. I have learned about manifestation and how to breathe life into your desires. 

It has helped my self-awareness and confidence. It’s encouraged me to fully show up for myself. It has challenged me and developed a deep intuitive knowing inside of me that I trust as a wisdom that guides my life. It’s also taught me how often our views and belief systems grow and evolve, to allow space for this, and to let go when something no longer resonates. Perhaps energy healing can offer you tools and practices to enhance and support your life too. 

Healing Happens In A Spiral

Something that I’ve learned on my healing journey is that healing happens in a spiral, never a straight line. You think you’ve healed something or shifted through it, then it turns up again in a few months or years time. You need to learn to surrender to the process, but also appreciate the process. Shifting a thought pattern or limiting belief that has been embedded for years may take some time, so patience is also important. An open heart and mind helps. 

What Does Healing Mean To You?

And how has it changed your life? Let me know in the comments ♡

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