Tynemouth: Winter Solstice Women’s Circle

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Winter Solstice Women's Circle // Wednesday 21 December, 7-9pm // Tynemouth


– Wednesday 21 December 7-9pm –


This circle will be held at my home in central Tynemouth. It’s super easy to get to on the metro or by car, located just behind Front Street near the Priory. Exact address given on booking.



The Winter Solstice marks the darkest point of the year, the triumph of night, yet it also marks the turning-point for the return of the light. Though we still have several months of darkness to face, we can begin to reorient ourselves as the light begins to beckon. We seed the light, in the darkness of the womb, trusting that it will grow and bloom when it is ready.


Join with sisters in circle, for an opportunity to share and connect during this time. Celebrate the power of light in the darkness, and find that light in yourself – during this time of year it can feel dark and desolate, yet the power of light in the dark can be witnessed all around us, we see it in candles, Christmas lights, bonfires and the giving of gifts. Just as plants grow towards the light, we too are drawn towards it, and the Winter Solstice marks a turning point in the year when the darkness is at it’s longest point, yet the tide is about to turn, allowing more light in day by day.


This will be an intimate circle of seven sisters, joining to witness our inner light within the darkness. 


You can expect:


– a nurturing community of sisters to meet and connect with
– learning around the Winter Solstice
– a healing ceremony where you’ll receive Light Language and Reiki to support your growth
– a beautiful exchange of gifts (each person to bring a gift to exchange with other women)
– an opportunity to share, to be witnessed and seen (no pressure, but the invitation is there)
– nommy mince pies (vegan as standard, gluten free on request)


I wasn’t planning on offering any circles in December, but when I was in the bath a few weeks ago, a vision of this circle landed and I was guided on what to do. I’m trusting that those who are intended to be there will be drawn to this circle of sisters and I’m excited to see what will unfold.



I’ve been guided to work with the energies of Christ Consciousness as part of the Light Language healing for this circle. You don’t need to be a Christian or ascribe to any particular religion or spirituality to join – please just come with an open heart and mind.



Some may feel an ickyness arising with the thought of working with Jesus or Christ Consciousness, but please try to leave any judgement or resistance at the door. It’s a potent time of year to work with the energies of this enlightened being and the last time I channelled Christ Consciousness during an Easter ceremony, it was super powerful and so, so beautiful. So please do come if you feel drawn, don’t worry about any hang ups you may have – it promises to be a really special and beautiful journey and opportunity to invite light into your life (don’t worry though, I’m not a Christian nor I am here to try and convert you! Christians also of course welcome though!). You can access the Easter healing for free using the link under further info below and you can also read more about Light Language there.


This circle is for women from all walks of life, all women welcome, 18+ only please.


We will be sat on the floor in circle for a couple of hours, so please bring anything you need to be comfortable doing this (eg cushions, bolsters, blankets etc). I do have a few chairs available for anyone who can’t be seated on the floor for any reason, please let me know if you need one. I have one or two spare cushions and bolsters but not many, so please do bring whatever you need to be comfortable while seated – thank you.


Please be aware that the space is located up a flight of stairs.


Ticket price £22

Please email hello@lushlunar.com to reserve your spot, or use the checkout below.


If you are struggling financially at the moment but really want to join, please contact me direct to arrange a suitable fee.



You can read more about Light Language here.



If you’d like to journey with my last Christ Consciousness healing, you can access this for free online – it was a beautiful session to heal shame a few years ago on Instagram live, it was the first group healing I ever did so holds a special place in my heart! You can find it here.



Can’t wait to see you there!


Sally x

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