3 Things To Expect During An Energy Healing Session

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3 Things To Expect During An Energy Healing Session

Obviously, different healers and practitioners will have different styles, but I wanted to share what an energy healing session with me looks like. At the time of writing, I offer three different types of energy healing including Intuitive Healing with Light Language, Usui Reiki and Angelic Therapy. 

1. Arrival And Intentions

When you book a session with me I send over a consultation form for you to complete before we meet, so I always have an idea of why you’ve booked a session before you arrive. When you arrive I show you to the healing space and we have a quick chat, where I explain what to expect when you receive energy healing and ask if there are any intentions you’d like to work with or if anything has changed since completing the consultation form. I’ll then invite you to lie down on the therapy bed and offer you a couple of blankets before we start. 

2. During The Energy Healing Session

This depends on the session booked, but I’ll usually begin by closing the curtains and dimming the lights, opening the window slightly and cleansing the space using sage smoke. I’ll also usually do a short grounding meditation to help you to arrive fully in the space and get ready to receive. I’ll also usually scan through the chakras to see if any of them are blocked or in need of attention. 

During the session, if you booked Usui Reiki or Angelic Therapy, I’ll stay quiet for the rest of the session and work where I’m guided to on your body. These are both forms of hands on healing, so my hands will be placed on various points of your body. If you prefer hands off healing this is fine and I usually ask what you prefer at the start of the session. Sometimes during sessions I’ll get messages or guidance coming through, sense energy, see images or have other impressions. I’ll note these during the session so I don’t forget them. 


During an Intuitive Healing with Light Language session, I’ll sing or speak light language at points throughout the session and may use oracle cards, crystals, essential oils or visualisations too.  I’ll also work with hands on healing and channel light language through my hands. I’ll write down any impressions that I have during the session. 


At the end of all sessions I’ll bring you back slowly, then there’ll be a time to discuss any impressions we had. 

3. Energy Healing Integration And Aftercare

Sometimes I get a lot of impressions during a healing session, and you might too. Receiving energy healing can cause you to have past life memories, body tingles, feelings of hot or cold, body twitches or involuntary movements, seeing lights, colours or visions, recalling memories, emotional releases, or you might experience none of those things. I believe that energy healing meets you where you’re at and you’ll only get what you’re ready for. Some of the energy healing journeys I’ve received from others have been profound. Some of them have also been challenging – releasing lots of heavy emotions and what I believe is deep trauma. Every session is different, but most clients feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of a session. 


There is a chance now to discuss anything that came up during the session. This is an important opportunity to be seen and heard and to begin to integrate the energy healing session you’ve just received. I will share any impressions or notes that I have, and you can share whether they resonate. The universe often speaks to us in symbols so we can’t always make sense of the guidance we’ve been gifted. 


Once we’ve shared our impressions we’ll say goodbye. If you visited me in Tynemouth or booked a distance healing session, I’ll then I’ll write up an email with all of my impressions from the session to send to you for future reference. I’ll also include some aftercare guidance on the email. 

Book An Energy Healing Session

Like many things in life, energy healing needs to be experienced to be understood. Not that it can ever really be understood, perhaps experienced to be felt is a better term. If you’re curious and would like to book a session, check out my one to one offerings or join one of my in person or online events


You can also see some pics of my events and healing space below. Head down if you’re based in the North East, I’m based in Tynemouth, Newcastle upon Tyne.